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A Wood Story

Where are we ?

“Our common passion is wood”

FORESTIA® is a group of companies specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of landscaping products.

At first, design office , FORESTIA is composed with a group of ingeniers who developp since 15 years outdoor landscaping products (railings, palisades, outdoor lighting) for the leader of home improvement retailer, but for his own companies too.

Our common passion is wood that we always select according to its quality for the use for which we intend it but also with a look at the environmental parameters.

Some numbers

2 000 000 m2

of decking sold


products developed

10 000 m2


The passion
for wood

Wood is our common denominator. It’s the material most often used in our product developments. We use it in all its forms, and we respect its singular characteristics. We try to showcase it, while maintaining our respect for this renewable resource.
What could be more natural than wood in outdoor structures?!

We take the greatest care in selecting the best grades of wood, depending on their use, and in tracking our supply sources in producing countries.Total mastery and control of the supply chain helps us ensure homogeneous quality and traceability of our wood.

& quality

Developing great products that are easy to implement is good, but it’s not enough! In addition to products, our teams have developed online quotation software and extremely user-friendly calculators with highly realistic 3D calculators such as Oxynov®3D and Mydeckplanner®.

We innovate in order to make our products affordable, but even more so to facilitate their implementation and to make the customer’s experience more pleasant. Systematic laboratory testing ensures our products’ conformity with regard to applicable European standards.

Our expertise

Technical expertise

mastery of
distribution channels

Flexible logistics
& specialized



Satisfying our customers is our chief concern.
That’s the starting point for our innovations and for all of our product developments. We listen to their demands, complaints, dissatisfaction and new requirements, in order to provide fast, relevant responses.

Surveys, and most importantly the reviews and testimonials that appear daily on our merchant sites, are a source of motivation for our staff, who are happy to get direct feedback about their work. Not only is customer satisfaction a way to build loyalty, it’s also a powerful driver to help us progress and grow from our solid foundations.

Team spirit

The team spirit and the cement of our company, which favors collective success for individual success. We are all interdependent, so a good deal is the key to successful integration.