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Developing your skills

Forestia® conducts a human resources policy based on training and giving employees their own responsibilities. The small size of our company helps us acquire a broad view of our activity, with a focus on versatility.

We give everyone a certain degree of autonomy to get better in their field of choice, allowing them to advance as a function of their motivation and their skills.

Team spirit holds our company together, putting the emphasis on team success, rather than individual success. We are all interdependent on each other, and as such, good understanding is the key to successful integration.

Product knowledge

We are all driven by the same common denominator: the product.

The product is at the heart of our activities. Obviously, it is important to know it well and to keep trying to improve it at all times. This requires daily investment, which involves setting up regular training so that we can better understand the product in its environment.

Products evolve and get better, in order to meet new market demands. Product-oriented, we listen to our customers in order to respond to their quality requirements.

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